Transport of Live Animals

Personally, over the previous 15 years, I have shipped live animals via several airlines. Although the process may appear frightening and lengthy, I want you to trust my experience and the care with which we will send your kid. Airline transportation is incredibly efficient, quick, and safe, and is frequently more effective than a long vehicle travel. The handlers are attentive and eager to be caring for such exotic creatures when I send out or pick up new pets for the ranch.


We use Global Freight Shippers or UPS to ship our live animals. They offer same-day delivery to your nearest major airport, where you can pick up your baby. Your kid will be delivered to you within hours of leaving our home. The pressure and temperature in the animal cabins are adjusted to keep your infant comfortable during the flight. For over ten years, we have been exporting live animals, allowing hundreds of families and facilities to receive their kids when driving is not an option. I feel that walking great distances is safer and faster for everyone than driving for hours.

*When flying our pets is not a possibility due to weather or other factors, we also offer The animals would be completely cared for during the trip, and the delivery would be performed in person.


Small animals are being shipped for $150. Shipping for large animals can cost up to $350, or $500 if shipped outside of the United States. The cost includes the aircraft ticket, shipping container, supplies, and, if necessary, a veterinarian’s health certificate. It also covers documentation preparation and management.

*Ground transportation costs between $100 and $300.

Our Methodology

Every day, we transport shipments to the airport. Once your deposit is received, we will contact you via email to determine the nearest serviceable airport, if one was not previously provided, and to confirm an arrival date. When we get that information, we will send you an invoice for the baby’s balance plus the transportation charge. We can book the flight once the invoice is paid. Flights must be booked several days in advance of the arrival date, and the invoice must be paid. We contact the airlines, make all necessary reservations, and complete all relevant documentation. We will email you all flight information for final approval the day before your arrival date. You will also be given tracking information so that you can keep track of the kid.

We are able to ship to the following airports:

We can ship to most major airports, and we can help you find the nearest suitable airport.

How are infants packed?

Before packing your infant for airplane travel, we must consider the weather, age, size, and airline restrictions. We offer a variety of cargo containers and kennels at our disposal. We pack your kid as spaciously as feasible based on our best judgment. Babies are given food, water, or fruit. In the event of a delay, we carry enough food to last at least 24 hours. We deliver babies with 48-hour heat pads to animals traveling to cooler locations.

Day of arrival:

The babies must be checked in at least 2 hours before their first trip departs. We loaded the puppies into their kennels and drove them to the airport to check in. The flights and times are double-checked at check-in to ensure that there are no current delays or modifications, and then the babies are handed over to the shipping agents.


You will be given flight information for your baby’s arrival, as well as an estimated time of arrival. If all planes arrive on time, your infant should be able to be picked up 25 to 45 minutes after the flight arrives. Each airport has a different pick-up point. Some airports have a separate cargo building where the animals are moved after landing; others have pick-up stations at the ticket desk or baggage claim office. The pick-up location for your flight will be specified in your flight confirmation email.