We provide the greatest new-borns on the market in terms of quality and socialization, as well as the most complete after-sales support services, which include training methods, food planning, and information. We provide full, ongoing after-sale support, cage design, and all care-related services. Healthy and adorable macaque, capuchin, spider, squirrel, and marmoset monkeys. All of the stunning monkeys we produce are of the highest calibre and would make wonderful pets.

With more than 10 years of experience, our major objectives are to design long-term development plans for future generations of exotic pets as well as to breed only the best and healthiest monkey species for animal security and wildlife preservation. As members of the USDA committee, we are incredibly blessed and have received several awards and licenses. Our main priority is to satisfy our clients while also offering outstanding services. The world will be a better place if these animals thrive and if people care for them and their pets.